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2m Rope - Blue Dance Trapeze

2m Rope - Blue Dance Trapeze

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Designed for Safety and Performance, Handmade by us! Made to the highest safety standards our single and duo trapezes are made for professional performance and long term durability. These are lightweight, easy to maneuver and easy to grip. The leather baffle is able to withstand years of wear can be colour customized!

We prefer Nylon Core, they are less rigid and 'pinchy' then steel cable core. We prefer to use Nylon cores over steel cable as steel cable is rigid and makes for a 'pinchy' trapeze when doing above the bar work. the rope cores are reinforced with Dyneema Nylon to keep the rope lengths even and provide additional strength, 

If you would like a custom length;

Please let us know in the Checkout the exact length of rope you require. Contact us if you would like a length longer or shorter than listed.


Our Rigging Kits contain heavy-duty industrial and climbing rated, EN Certified or Load Tested rigging hardware.

The Full Swivel Kit includes:

  • 1x Swivel
  • 1x Spreader Plate
  • 4x Steel Carabiners

The Basic Kit includes:

  • 2x Steel Carabiners

All our rigging is sourced from high quality manufacturers and is Load Tested.

This is a complete Dance Trapeze setup - ready to hang and start performing. For your convenience all Trapeze with rigging will come with the rigging hardware pre-installed!

More about the Trapeze:

Our single and duo trapezes are made with high-quality, 24 mm diameter, 3-strand cotton rope and 26mm outside diameter steel bar with a width of 560mm between the ropes for the singles and 160mm|600mm|160mm for doubles trapeze. For durability we use premium leather for the elbow covers/baffles.

This trapeze has a WLL (Working Load Limit) of 200kg and a MBS (Maximum Breaking Strain) across both ropes of 1820kg.

We can make any type of trapeze; weighted, double, large, small. Please contact us for a quote on custom colours & lengths and Trapeze styles via the contact us page.



We have 100% confidence that you will love our Aerial Equipment. All our equipment has been selected for safety and performance. We aim to provide the best possible customer service, please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance - we're here to help! Always use a crash mat when practicing Aerials!

Lara and Aaron @AerialSilksNZ