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Stripes! - 7m

Stripes! - 7m

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7m Aerial Sling fabric only, you can add a rigging kit to this silks by selecting the basic rigging(2 rings) or the swivel kit


Ready to ship, only one available, colours as per picture.


The Swivel Connect Kit includes:

  • 1x Swivel
  • 2x Steel Carabiners
  • 2x Stainless Steel Rings

All our rigging is sourced from high quality manufacturers and is Load Tested.

This is a complete double point Yoga Hammock setup - ready to hang and start stretching. For your convenience all Hammocks with rigging will come with the rigging hardware pre-installed!

Designed specifically for Aerial Yoga! Our Aerial Yoga fabric is the industry leading standard for low stretch material, 40 Denier Nylon Tricot. Greatly loved by beginners and widely used by professionals. These Aerial Yoga hammocks are also ideal for napping, stretching, inverting, flipping and lots of other tricks and Yoga poses. They are machine washable and provide the ideal stretch for Aerial Yoga, just enough give without being too stretchy.

We Hand Dye the multicolored Hammocks ourselves, these are not ‘third-party’ industrial tie dye or printed patterns that resemble tie dye.

Your Aerial Yoga Hammock will come with a beautiful transport bag and instructions on how to care for your fabric.

What length do I need?

The 5m length is perfect for home & studio use with regular ceiling height (2.4m) or higher as you can use the loops on the daisy chains to extend the length. Hang it in your living room, your garden or pergolas and have fun! If you need a longer length please visit the Aerial Sling page.

More about the Fabric:

Our professional grade low stretch 40 Denier Nylon Tricot stretches mostly across the width, however, you will feel some give at the end of a long drop. When you climb it will not stretch significantly but it will give way gently. The material is 275cm wide, is machine washable and you can strip/cut the fabric safely without the need for searing if you need a narrower width.

This Aerial Yoga fabric has a WLL (Working Load Limit) of 300kg and a MBS (Maximum Breaking Strain) across two strands of 3000kg.


How far apart should the ceiling bolts be installed for an Aerial Yoga hammock?

This is up to personal preference and varies depending on the size of the person and the space available for rigging. We recommend two attachment points 45-55cm apart, but some prefer a wider seat. You can also hang the hammock from one suspension point though this is more common for Aerial Sling.

How high should I hang the hammock?

Height depends on personal preference. For most Aerial Yoga classes, we recommend that the bottom of the Hammock fall about hip height - low enough that you can bend over in a forward fold, but high enough that your head will not touch the ground when inverted. The Hammock height is easily adjustable by using different loops on the daisy chains that come with each Hammock. You can further adjust the height by increasing the amount of fabric used in the knot. Some studios will raise the fabric higher for more Aerial style classes, or lower to knee height for restorative Yoga.



We have 100% confidence that you will love our Aerial Equipment. All our equipment has been selected for safety and performance. We aim to provide the best possible customer service, please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance - we're here to help! - Lara @AerialSilksNZ