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  • Unlike our competitors we are not an Asian drop shipping supplier, we manufacture and supply our own products
  • Nylon Tricot - 2.75m wide, machine washable fabric
  • Custom colours & length available¬†
  • We provide custom rigging & fabric kits customized for your studio
  • Personalized quote to suits your needs with discounts for bulk purchases
  • Free fabric samples
  • We can supply studio quantity Safety Mats at wholesale prices

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Why choose our fabric? Soft, silky, and incredibly durable; Our fabric is Nylon Tricot, it is lightweight, breathable and strong with a Working Load Limit of 900kg double strand. If you need to you can strip/cut the fabric safely without the need for searing if you need a narrower width. Always choose Nylon Tricot over Polyester as it is the stronger, less slippery and safer option.

We deal directly with our fabric manufacturer to ensure to best quality product is supplied, we do not resell from a third party wholesaler. The fabric is dyed to our specification meaning that the colours are unique.

We ship all over the world! For large orders we will provide a customized shipping quote.

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